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Our Story

Our Name

     Celadon House began with the desire to share with you our culture and heritage through the best of Asian home cooking. The pale green Longquan Celadons from the Jin dynasty was our inspiration when choosing our name. The subtle beauty and understated elegance of these ceramics are highly regarded. It is also the most representative ceramic ware from the Orient. Liken it to Asian home cooking, which requires laborious prep work and care to make. The name Celadon House reflects the passion that we bring to the food we prepare and the service we provide. At the same time pay homage to our roots and heritage.

Our Offerings

     We take pride in offering authentic and wholesome dishes from different parts of Southeast Asia. Some are light and tasty while others are rich and exotic.

     You may find some familiar items on our menu, but most will be unique and rarely found in restaurants. They are faithful reproductions of original family recipes, comfort food that are prepared and served in Asian homes as everyday meals. Some are elaborate dishes which are mainstays for many traditional festivities we celebrated. We are passionate in keeping the flavors of the dishes we make authentic. A great deal of pleasure and care goes into preparing them. We make our sauces from scratch the traditional way! Our helpings are generous and served family style. They are meant for sharing between those who come together to experience the simple pleasures of eating good food. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and that they become you and your family's favorites too.

Our Ambiance

     We invite you to enjoy a meal in our spacious dining room that is stylish but unpretentious, at the same time calming and comfortable. Our objective when designing the restaurant was to create a warm and casual atmosphere that would imbibe the feeling of being invited to a friend's house to share food and conversation.

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